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Welcome to The Pima Company

Looking for a Private label  clothing manufacturer in Pima Cotton?

Our company was established in the sunshine state of Florida, USA in 2009. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of upscale, high-end boutique quality clothing for babies and children. Proudly made in Peru in Pima Cotton or other Peruvian knit fabrics.

All of our private label productions are custom made from scratch at our  partner-factories strategically located in Lima, Peru. We strive to offer the softest Pima cotton knit fabrics so your clothing line can stand out from the crowd. In us, you can rest assured that your clothing collection will be produced with the highest quality standards, with the best fabrics and craftsmanship to satisfy your most demanding customers.

If you’re in the search of finding a trustworthy pima cotton factory to produce your own private label of babies and children boutique clothing,  look no more! We have a team of experts and all the resources to help you succeed.

We understand clothing production very well and we look at our clients as a business partners. We want YOU to be successful. Your designs and vision combined with our luxurious fabrics and talented Peruvian workforce will  result in an amazing product for your retail business.

Let’s start the process now by simply filling out the form on our contact page or email me at with all of your inquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you!

With your success in mind,

Fiorella Emery

CEO / Founder